Warning about dog collars

This is an important message from one of our clients:

Okay, my friends and family, I am going to share what happened last night in hopes you never have to go though it. Please take your dogs collar off if you have more then one dog. My dogs were playing last night when Tank’s mouth became tangled in Gizmo’s collar. As we frantically tried to get them loose, Gizmo became unconscious. We finally got them apart. I thought my dog had died right in front of me. I quickly gave him two breaths into his mouth and was about to start CPR on him when he opened his eyes. He was still out of it but he was alive. They were checked by the vet and both seem to be doing good. Tank has some scratches from the collar on his mouth but is okay. Gizmo is doing good and being watched for abnormal breathing. So please take your dogs collars off when at home.

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