Referral Program: We give 10% off of any one visit if a new client mentions that you referred them.
You can use this 10% off at any time, including surgeries.

Office Visits

  • Office Call – $68
  • Wellness Visit with vaccines – $89 (includes required vaccines)
  • Puppy/Kitten vaccines – $89 at 8 weeks and $68 at 12 and 16 weeks

Optional Vaccines

  • Bordetella – $21
  • Influenza(Combo, both strains) – $44.75
  • Rattlesnake – $17.50

Common Surgery Estimates

Your pet’s safety under anesthesia is our top priority. All of our surgical procedures include: Pre-surgical exam, Pre-surgical blood work, IV catheter and fluid therapy (except feline neuters), Pain Management the day of and to go home with, EKG, Blood Pressure, O2 and CO2 monitoring, a Certified Veterinary Technician assigned to your pet from anesthetic induction through recovery, and warm circulating water blankets to keep body temperatures up throughout the procedure. Every pet under anesthesia gets a complimentary nail trim.

Spays and neuters will also include microchip and Elizabethan collars.

Dental cleaning- varies greatly with each pet. Dental consults are offered free of charge to existing clients. $65 fee for new clients. 10% discount always offered if scheduled within 30 days of consult.

Please call our office for surgery estimate information.

Payment Options

We want to provide our clients and patients with the best care possible. In addition to taking Visa, Mastercard, Discover, checks and cash, we also accept Care Credit and Scratch Pay. For new pets and pets without preexisting conditions, check into Nationwide and Trupanion Pet Insurances for quotes prior to your first vet appointment.