Dylan                                                                 November


Here is a story about "Dylan" written by his mom:

Dylan is my 10.5 year old tri color corgi. He shares a household with two other corgi’s and is my
youngest. I did my homework before buying him and went with a reputable breeder. Unfortunately all
the research I did still does not mean a dog is immune to certain diseases in their lifetime no matter how
well you care for them. Dylan has always had an uphill battle from very early on in his life plagued by
different health issues but always a fighter and successful in overcoming them.

About a month ago while petting him I detected a lump in the rear of his thigh. He seemed bothered
by it when I squeezed it and after about a week I noticed it got bigger in size. I decided to take him in
for a visit to see Dr. Pierce all the while expecting the diagnosis to be some sort of cyst and hoping to
avoid another surgery. To my absolute shock the diagnosis came back as canine lymphoma. I cannot
even describe the feeling I was overcome with at that moment. Knowing Dylan is a fighter and knowing
that this is a disease he cannot beat, was just crushing. Dr. Pierce explained my options in terms of
treatment, one of which being chemotherapy. I had always thought to myself if any of my dogs ever
got cancer I would not subject them to that type of treatment and put them through that ordeal. It
was explained to me that dogs typically respond very well to chemotherapy with very few side effects
and this type of cancer generally goes into remission with treatment extending the dogs QUALITY &
QUANTITY of life. If I chose to do nothing he may only have a month or two left to live. However the
chemotherapy can sometimes give them up to a year to live a normal happy life. I felt I had to give him
that chance since we caught it early enough and he was showing no other signs of being ill. We are
starting our second round of treatment and it is in remission. Dylan is still a happy, playful and energetic
quirky corgi that is enjoying life and I am cherishing each and every day he is still here with us.