Emily                                                                November



Here's her story written by her mom: 

Laser Works!

Emily, our almost 14 year old Border Collie mix, was diagnosed with bridging spondylosis and arthritis about 2 years ago.  She has been on different medications, mostly to control her pain.  It’s been difficult to watch her having so much difficulty walking, trying to lie down and get up, negotiate the stairs, and get knocked down by our other dogs.  One rear leg even wobbled and turned when she would walk; she had no control over it.  Often Emily would stand for long periods, afraid to try to lie down.  Her face would show her pain and unhappiness. HighPlainsVeterinaryHospitalrecently began using laser therapy, and Dr. Pierce believed that Emily would be a good candidate.  After her second laser treatment, there was such a difference in her mobility that it was a joy to watch her walk.  After 5 laser therapy treatments, Emily is walking on her toes again, as dogs are supposed to, her rear leg is moving normally, she can move up and down the stairs much more easily, she readily lies down and gets up, and she can hold her own when our other dogs become too exuberant and bump into her.  Best of all is not seeing the discomfort and pain in her eyes anymore; she is happy and bounces along on our walks and has a wonderful time being Emily again. 

If your dog is having mobility problems, or difficulties of any sort, I highly recommend that you ask the veterinarians about laser therapy.  In my husband’s and my opinion, Dr. Pierce and Dr. McKenney and the support staff of High Plains are the best anywhere.  Laser therapy is the best thing to come along for our family, and it can most likely do wonders for your fur baby.