Blaze                                                                          June


Here is his story written by his family:

Blaze is our beloved five year old handsome, fun loving Maine Coon cat that we have had since he was a kitten.  About one month ago we took Blaze into the High Plains Veterinary Hospital for a routine dental cleaning.  Since this was Blaze's first time being seen at High Plains, Dr. McKenney did a thorough exam before she proceeded with the dental procedure.  During that exam, Dr. McKenney discovered that Blaze may have a heart murmur.  She cautioned us to delay the dental cleaning and advised us to due a full blood panel, to include a special test to check his heart.  Dental procedures require general anesthesia and Dr. McKenney explained that this could be very harmful to Blaze if there was indeed a heart condition.  We went ahead and had all of the necessary tests and x-rays done and waited patiently for the results.  The next day Dr. McKenney called with the lab results.  Everything was normal with the exception of his heart. Blaze's heart had indeed suffered significant damage.  Dr. McKenney was very honest and very encouraging through all of this.  She started him on two different medications and discussed other options to get his teeth cleaned in the near future.  Blaze's official diagnosis is Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.  He is currently only on one medication once daily called Benazepril.  We have learned how to monitor his respirations daily and so far he's doing exceptionally well.  We hope and pray that Blaze will live a long, fulfilling life as he has brought so much joy to our family in these first five years. Trying to make sense of Blaze's diagnosis was very hard mentally and emotionally in those first few days after his diagnosis was complete.  We have Dr. McKenney and the entire staff of High Plains Veterinary Hospital for their exceptional expertise and care!!