Daisy and Dixie                                                 February


"Daisy and Dixie"

Dental Month

Here's a story about why they get dentals written by their mom:

Dental Cleanings 

Being Maltese, both of our girls have very difficult teeth, especially little Daisy, with her tiny sized mouth.  In spite of my faithfully brushing both dogs teeth every single day (after they eat) with a special dog toothpaste called C.E.T., they STILL have tartar build-up and plaque that requires two-three professional teeth cleanings per year. With every dental cleaning, I also have Dr. Pierce perform a short panel of blood tests and a quick little wellness exam, all of which gives me peace of mind that they are both doing well, health-wise. Without regular dental cleanings, their teeth would have long since rotted and they would have no teeth now.  I understand that not having regular dental cleanings could contribute to organ failure as well as a whole host of unpleasant side effects such as bad breath, bone decay, disease and infected gums. I know that with regular dental care, I can prevent some of these more serious side effects.  Plus, the girls just feel, smell and look better after their cleanings and I have the peace of mind to know that I’m doing my very best to take care of them.  Yes, the dental cleaning(s), blood work and exams are very expensive.  However, my girls are part of our family and I do these things for them to ensure that they will live long, healthy, happy lives. 

Dixie Belle's Bio 

Dixie Belle is my sweet little eight-pound Maltese and was rescued as a puppy. Dixie is very smart and one of her many tricks include ringing a tiny bell by the back door when she has to potty (hence her middle name of Belle). Dixie is always in tune to my emotions and never hesitates to run right over and comfort me if I'm sad or crying. One of the best things about Dixie is that she likes to play dress up with girly outfits, ribbons and bows. She loves all of the attention she receives when she wears dresses, sweaters, coats, hair bows, glamorous necklaces, collars, and even crystal tiaras! In spite of her bossiness and diva-like ways, she's truly the most loving and intelligent little pup and we simply adore her.  

Daisy Bio 

Daisy is my loving, smart and beautiful Maltese.  She's a tiny little girl, weighing in at a little less than three pounds. She has a patient and easy-going personality, making her the ideal travel companion. Daisy has traveled quite a bit with me and her behavior is perfect.  When on an airplane, she sits patiently in her carrier and doesn’t bark. She is far better behaved than any human child would ever be! Daisy loves to be fussed over and groomed and enjoys prancing and looking beautiful in the latest doggie fashion couture. Daisy also loves to dress up in costumes. During Halloween, she always competes in local costume contests.  If you don’t want to talk with a lot of people and feel quite social, don’t bring Daisy out with you!  Daisy gets so much attention that you would think she is a rock star!  Many people approach us when Daisy is sitting on my lap and say that they thought she was a little doll or stuffed animal because she is so tiny and beautiful, sitting perfectly still. Daisy loves adventures and being that she is so well behaved and tiny in stature, I regularly take her along my bicycle adventures in her very own bike basket.  Daisy is a graceful, darling little angel and we love her immensely.